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“I believe nature is just too beautiful for me to create something better and more artistic than it is.”

The visual interplay creates multiple sensations which, at times, traces back to images from her childhood memories. “Coming from a sun-blushed tropical island, I was surrounded by the purest blues and greens around me, which have found their way to my colour palette. My childhood passion had finally found a way to express itself with a particularly difficult technique to master: watercolour.It is a long school strewn with many trials, reflections, analysis, patience and understanding towards a living creative process. Nothing remains fixed in the technique of watercolour, everything is always in motion, the water, the pigments and the gestures. Watercolour is demanding; it does not forgive mistakes and remains very subtle. And yet, with this element so fluid it is necessary to know how to be patient, attentive, admiring and sometimes hardly guide its way. On the other hand, there are moments when one must observe and act in a very short time, when speed of intervention and promptness of reflexes are necessary. she says. “They have become my comfort zone.” Her handling of the medium and the subject matter is par excellence. She is able to recreate the whole atmosphere that goes with her subject matter, by using innumerable subtle hues and colour shade while keeping her forms simple and uncomplicated. Shakun’s style, texture and colour palette evolve with her life’s experiences and her surroundings. They are influenced by her immediate environment and resurface each day, each moment with new ideas and a new subject foe her to paint. She likes distilling the realism of everyday life and objects as a way to help her keep her focus on the small delights of nature around her in the grand scheme of things, metaphysical and spiritual. 

© 2017 by Sita Harris, All rights reserved.

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